Super Tuesday Voting

First, it was a pain in the arse to vote today (location was terrible due to morning traffic, it’ll be worse for the after-work voters; drove by another polling place as I drove the most direct route to my own), but it’s a bigger pain to a) defend the right to vote and b) not to be able to vote at all.  Took my son to vote and now we’ve got matching "I Voted" stickers.  Don’t ignore or take for granted your privilege regardless of how the political system actually counts your vote. 

Second, heard an NPR story about Democrats Abroad.  What an excellent opportunity for public diplomacy, but… it’s not "Republicans Abroad" or "Democracy Abroad"…

One thought on “Super Tuesday Voting

  1. Hey! I didn’t get a sticker today — and neither did my wife!! Man, California does elections *so* much better than the southern states….

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