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Readers from March 2008 I just learned MountainRunner is to MNF-I readers: it’s classified as “personal pages.”  This could explain why I seem to have the same number of readers from Aden, Djibouti, Damascus, and Ilam in Iran (?!) as from Baghdad.  Do you wait until you’re in Tehran, Kuwait, Doha, or elsewhere to read the blog? 

What’s your experience?

If it is blocked, there’s always the subscription via email… but of course you have to read this post or the blog to find out…

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3 thoughts on “MountainRunner: the personal interest blog

  1. Thanks for reading and commenting. Perhaps it’s unclear, but I’m very happy to have readers in Tehran, as well as Sudan, Somalia, Ethiopia, China, Turkey, the United States even, and so on. I’m just wondering: why Ilam?

  2. According to Professor Vali Nasr, Persian is now the third-largest language on the internet. English is part of the school curriculum. So it shouldn’t at all be unusual for a Tehrani interested in contemporary military affairs to look up your blog. Consider it a compliment.

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