Public Diplomacy Awards

Worth noting is the Public Diplomacy Alumni Association, formerly the USIA Alumni Association, announced its 2008 achievement awards

Jonathan Henick, for outstanding efforts an personal commitment, courage and creativity promoting and defending freedom of speech and independent journalism in the repressive environment of Azerbaijan.

Foreign Service National Staff, Rangoon, Burma, for outstanding efforts and perseverance in promoting democracy and human rights in Burma. Through exchange programs, the American Center library, English teaching, publications, donated book programs and media outreach, (they) creatively and courageously brought to bear a broad range of public diplomacy tools and programs while operating in a challenging environment, often at great personal risk.

Nicholas Papp, for outstanding initiative and creativity in revitalizing and modernizing Taiwan’s EducationUSA program and extending its outreach to broader publics through the innovative utilization of new media and technologies.

Clearly the staff in Rangoon have their work cut out for them in the aftermath of the cyclone.

For more, go to PDAA’s web site.

One thought on “Public Diplomacy Awards

  1. Public Diplomacy includes Peace Corps Volunteers. Peace Corps has changed and is now in countries that are dangerous. They are in the countries mentioned. They are also in countries like Fiji where they are the only US aid allowed due to US and UN sanctions. They are in the same position as emabassy staff with the exception of being in the field all the time. They should be allowed to join and be considered for the same awards as other members of the PDAA.

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