Blogging to resume this morning… sort of

Other commitments and travel have imposed themselves on my blogging ritual.  Look for a slew of posts today followed by quiet as I travel to D.C. for two days. 

In the meantime, from the blog of a notable public relations / strategic communication firm commercial.  Question: is this a) Victoria Secret commercial, b) an ad for soccer/football gear, c) a World Cup promotion, or d) none of the above?

Know your demographic.  Is this targeting the mass audience or a slice of the audience?  The ad may not entirely successful on its own — 10min after you watched the video can you recall the promoted brand? — but does it fit inside a larger campaign?  More later, not on the commercial but on precision marketing.

One thought on “Blogging to resume this morning… sort of

  1. Didn’t see that one coming — I guess I was too fixated on the, uh, “shoes”. Honestly, I thought it was an Adidas commercial, not a Samsung one.

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