USG sites related to the “I” in DIME


Modern conflict relies heavily on influencing societal groups that cross political borders and ignore geography.  Information campaigns are waged, neglected, and abused by all sides as they attempt to manipulate various audiences. blah blah blah… yeah, yeah, you’ve read it here before. 

To the point, are you looking for a one-stop shop for USG (U.S. Government) and other resources that talk about information, whether it is Information Operations, Strategic Communications, or Network Centric Warfare?  If so, check out the U.S. Army War College’s DIME website, specifically their links page.  (Public diplomacy falls under Strategic Communications and this blog is under Other Information.) 

By the way, DIME stands for Diplomacy, Information, Military, and Economic power.  These are considered the core elements of national power.  Some have expanded DIME to include Finance, Intelligence, and Law Enforces, which spells MIDLIFE (or DIMEFIL to the more “sensitive”).  Rarely you might see DIMES, which adds Sociology. 

Shameless plug that’s barely related: Did I mention that the Swedish Institute (the Swedish Public Diplomacy agency) also links to this blog?  More on SI later because if you’re interested in SC/PD, you should be interested in the SI. 

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  1. Thanks for the recommendation, MountainRunner. We administer the DIME site and welcome input on how we can improve it for the community. Right now our intent is to provide an e-library covering all dimensions of the information environment (physical, informational, cognitive).

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