Off Topic: It’s Time for Le Tour de France

image image Totally off topic, but if you missed it, this year’s Tour started today.  I haven’t been seen much in the way of U.S. advertising, but then I haven’t been looking. 

Did you know there are two U.S. teams this year?  Team Highroad / Columbia and Garmin Chipotle.  Old names like Team Discovery (formerly Postal) and T-Mobile (remade into Columbia) are gone.  And Team Astana is out. 

Some names might be familiar like Hincapie (on Team Highroad), Evans, Moreau, Voeckler, Valverde, Hushovd, Zubeldia, Boonen, Menchov, Millar, Zabel, Zabriskie (who’s on Garmin Chipotle if you’re wondering like my wife was), as well as others that I don’t feel like typing.  Haven’t looked to see where all the Discovery riders landed, besides the one or two who jumped to Astana.   lot others probably won’t be. 

Hopefully I’ll catch some of the race on TiVO, including today’s start, which wasn’t a prologue. 

Want more?  Check out Google’s Street View of the race and other links.

That’s it, back to our regularly scheduled programming.