On the Air in three, two… and you’re done, thanks for coming

I’ll be on Al Jazeera English tonight talking about the struggle for minds and wills with anchor Shihab Rattansi with a lead in by Barnaby Phillips’ American Challenge series. I’m told the live broadcast will be 20 minutes into the 7:00p PT (0200 GMT) News Hour.

Since most Americans can’t get AJE, watch online or check back here as I’ll post a link when the video’s available.

Update: No video yet, not sure if there will be one. Because of other news, instead of a 10 minute discussion beginning at 7:20, it was about one minute that began around 7:35. It was during my second answer that I learned the segment would be truncated. There was no follow up. I had planned to go into the struggle of minds and wills more, the understanding of local dynamics, the need for security and capacity building that is done by, with, and through Iraqis for participation and buy-in, raise Medical CMO, the good part of CERP, etc. The original plan was a discussion/debate with two people and the anchor, but as the segment was severely truncated, it’s good they couldn’t find somebody to disagree with me, so I was told I’d have the whole 10 minutes. They also didn’t mention MountainRunner… hopefully next time.