Recommended Reading

The following informational posts will increase your knowledge.

  • Social Media as “Influencer Relations” from Hill & Knowlton

    …social media has long been associated with sites like Facebook, Youtube and Myspace, there’s a danger that corporates tend to view social media as a leisure activity and not an avenue for telling a story or communicating with consumers. … pitching social media engagement as something else, possibly "Network Media", "Peer Media", or "Influencer Relations" might enable PR agencies and other advisors to overcome C-suite resistance. … we’re resisting calling online outreach "social media engagement" and instead think of it as targeted stakeholder engagement. This mental shift helps position the internet as a strong, powerful communications tool, and not just a place to while away hours sending pictures to friends (though, of course, we love the internet’s capacity for that too). 

  • Marc Tyrrell responds to my post on new media with Looking at the new (?) media
  • Chris Albon and David Axe report from the USS Kearsarge (see also Galrahn’s post on same)
  • Pentagon’s Unmanned Spokesdrone Completes First Press Conference Mission