Thinking about 2014

Take a look at this map courtesy a Galhran / Information Dissemination reader:

Look at the coast on the left side between the 43rd and 44th latitudes. There you’ll find Sochi, the site of the 2014 winter Olympics.

Will the Russian invasion bring peace to the Pankisi or Kodori Gorges? Maybe the Russian move was simply to enhance their security perimeter (not). Think all will be forgotten and everyone will have kissed and made up by 2014?

Back in Beijing, as of now, the Georgians have one Olympic medal: a bronze in 10m pistol. Think she was imaging anything on the target? Too bad Georgia doesn’t have a water polo team in the competition. The 1956 Hungary v USSR game was one of the best.

One thought on “Thinking about 2014

  1. Apparently that wasn’t a grudge match – a Russian soldier scored silver in the same event, and the Georgian embraced the Russian shooter on the podium as a gesture of peace.

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