Off Topic: Victory over Darkness premiere

In what seems like another lifetime (but was only four years ago), I was a guide for, briefly coached, sponsored, and had a room available for indefinite periods – for training and racing – for some special triathletes. These aren’t your normal triathletes (not that triathletes in general are normal). These guys and girls are legally blind. Some are completely blind and have been since birth, and others are legally blind. Some were victims of tragedy (add’l details) and others have degenerative conditions.

Finally, tomorrow night, Tuesday September 16th, a movie about these amazing athletes will premier in Los Angeles. There’s no trailer as of yet to link to, but I’ll post one when it’s available Click here for a trailer (.mov). Check out C-Different to learn more about the organization that helps these athletes race everything from spring to Ironman.

I’ll let you know how the movie is and how you can see it. If you ever questioned yourself on a run, a swim, a ride, or simply said something was too hard. Imagine closing your eyes and being guided through waves of other swimmers (you’re in the regular race without any special assistance other than the guide) in a beach-start triathlon where you have to get through the Pacific’s waves entering and exiting. Imagine trusting the driver on the tandem that he’ll give you the audibles for starting, stopping, and slowing and won’t crash for an hour or eight. Then imagine going for a run over unfamiliar terrain, that may include a sand ladder, trail, or simply curbs.

Next time you’re going out for a run, think about wearing those headphones and what sounds you’re missing (not to mention the safety hazard of running outdoors sans a critical sense). Personally, it made my trail runs that much more special.

By the way, the kid I guided raced an Olympic triathlon two weeks ago. Time: 2:14. This past Saturday he raced another Oly distance (1.5k swim, 40k bike, 10k run): 2:04.

That’s all. Now back to the regularly scheduled programming.

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  1. Hi Matt…Heidi from Coeur d’Alene here. I was Kim Rude’s next door neighbor – the house that the whole crew stayed at while in CdA. It’s great to see that the movie was finally completed. How/where can we get a copy to watch? It was a great experience, and we were glad to have been a very small part of it. Best wishes to all. Heidi Weaver

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