“Over the last seven years, our policies have evolved” (Updated)

Under Secretary for Public Diplomacy Jim Glassman was on BBC Radio this morning. Listen to the short 5:33 interview in which he reiterates that likability is no longer the goal of U.S. public diplomacy. He notes that in our seven years since 9/11 that our policies have evolved and that out "standing of the U.S. in the world is important because it makes it easier for us to achieve our interests, but … improving our image is not an end itself." Public diplomacy must, as he says and as I’ve written, must expand beyond the traditional tools.

2 thoughts on ““Over the last seven years, our policies have evolved” (Updated)

  1. This goes hand-in-hand with what McCain said in St Louis last week about how “America never apologies for history, it makes history.”The arrogance of that statement then, and Glassman’s comments here further reinforce the notion that parts of this government are hell-bent on the Big Stick approach favoring unilaterial action while overlooking bilateral consequences. The idea of blowback never crosses into these folks’ mind. 🙁

  2. Rick,I do agree that your comments in general but disagree with your grouping Glassman with the bunch. Glassman, while distancing himself from the administration before he joined just a few months ago, did say that he saw what is now called the say-do gap as well as the emphasis on the Big Stick, dropping the Speaking Softly, which is your point.

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