Supporting Citizen Media

When Big Media closes foreign bureaus and limits foreign affairs coverage, the need doesn’t change. For the seemingly distant issues, those problems that may become future flash points, we are increasingly reliant on citizen journalists for knowledge and analysis. Friend David Axe is one such brave soul, traveling to such places as Chad not to long ago.

From David’s post at Danger Room on the subject:

My trip to Chad this summer was 20-percent crowd-funded. In the wake of the trip, I got an offer from crowd-source photojournalism Website Demotix to join their stable of regular contributors. Now Demotix is running its first photojournalism contest, with a new camera as a prize. I’m a finalist with two of my photos: "Darfuri refugees" and "A Chadian soldier in Abeche" [see Danger Room post]. (Context for that photo found here.)

David is a finalist in contest where the prize is a camera, a Nikon D80. Go to Demotix – The Citizen Wire and vote for David’s picture.