Admin: MountainRunner got a make-over

MountainRunner got a make-over. The fresh look and feel will make the site easier to use and the new features should help make MountainRunner your first stop for information on public diplomacy and strategic communication.

The “community features” of MovableType 4.2 will become more noticeable as I roll-out capabilities over the coming weeks. In the meantime, here is a short list of enhancements available now:

  • Login to make commenting easier and to access new and forthcoming features. With the update, some of bugs in commenting (signed in but not signed in is one I experienced) are gone.
  • If you like a post, give it a vote to promote it. To vote, you have to register and sign in. Sorry, there is no thumbs down feature.
  • There are certain key concepts to this blog. Now, instead of searching blog posts, one click will get you to the resource page on the subject.

The new MountainRunner will incorporate the repository aspect of ConflictWiki ( that never got off the ground. Soon you’ll see a link on the right side for a new repository of reports and book lists on public diplomacy, strategic communication, information operations, etc.

ASIG_Logo One last item. On the left margin of the blog, you may also have noticed a new image. The logo is for my firm, Armstrong Strategic Insights Group (note the mountain; no runner though). For more, visit the still-developing site Longer white papers will be published from ASIG with an accompanying post on the MountainRunner blog.

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