Admin question: can you sign in and vote on the blog?

There may be an issue with the new voting feature on the blog. The screenshots below are a) not signed in (note the color of the star…no visible hyperlink under vote), b) signed in (note the color of the star…no visible hyperlink), and after clicking on the “x Vote(s)” text (note the checkmark in the star…still no underline indicating a hyperlink).




Can you go through the same sequence? I’ve heard from some that you can sign in but you cannot vote. I’ve tested this on IE 8, Firefox 3, and Google’s Chrome (my new favorite browser). One issue I have seen: after voting, the spinning dial icon that appears (or whatever it’s called) doesn’t go away until the page is refreshed and only then does the vote count increment.


  • pattonmat89

    I was able to sign in and vote, and it was just as you described. When I refreshed, the spinny thing had gone away, and my vote had been counted.

  • Darren

    I had the same problem as pattonmat89, after signing in and voting the spinner only went away after I refreshed. This is in IE6 (I use Firefox, but you mentioned you had tested in that).