MountainRunner Year-End Review

As 2008 comes to close, here’s the year-end traffic report for the blog as reported by GoogleAnalytics:

165,818 visits
277,748 page views
1.68 average pages / visit
2min 9sec was the average visit

Over 20% of the visits came from DC, Virginia, and Maryland. Internationally, nearly 8% of the visitors came from Asia, including 1.4% from Western Asia, including Iraq, Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey and 1.5% from Southern Asia, which includes Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India.

Referring sites sent 82,205 visitors via 1,679 sources, including Danger Room (4.4%), Small Wars Journal (3.3%), Abu Muqawama (1.5%), Information Dissemination (1.1%), + TPM Barnett, ZenPundit, Half of the Spear, State’s DipNote, Life After Jerusalem, and Winds of Change each contributed between 0.75 and 0.44% of the total. Interestingly, more traffic came from Facebook (0.42%)  than from USC’s Center for Public Diplomacy (0.39%).

Another tool shows nearly 4k more visitors and more than 9k more page views and that 13% of the traffic came from Asia, 12.5% from Europe.

In December there were between 820-870 readers subscribing to the RSS, a number that has been steadily growing. The actual number varies by day (824 on 12/30 but 872 on 12/18) and includes aggregators that appear as one but actually represent one or more consumers. Over 120 of these subscribers receive complete posts via email.

Thanks for reading.