Highly abbreviated list due to deadlines, holidays, etc.

Listen to VOA on DC AM radio at WFED (AM 1500) Tuesdays and Thursdays. (h/t VOA, unofficially of course)

Al Jazeera reaches out via new media. (h/t KAE)

Still wondering how this upcoming USIP event can be titled Media as Global Diplomat when the only media (domestic or foreign and MTV doesn’t count) is the moderator and there are no non-US observers on the panel.

There’s a new website to watch: Building Peace. I’d subscribe but I can’t find an RSS for it… update: an RSS is now available

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  1. Thanks for the interest in “Building Peace.” Because I designed the blog template from scratch and don’t totally know what I’m doing, it has a few problems. I didn’t realize the RSS feed was missing, but will fix it as soon as possible.I’ve subscribed to your blog for a few months now and always enjoy what you have to say.

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