Twittering White House Press Briefings

E&P is reporting some user-generated content during White House briefings. No, not the standing user, the sitting users:

Gibbsx A lot has changed since the days of Ari, Scotty and Dana — and not just the arrival of Obama and Robert Gibbs.  Chris Cillizza, the ace Wash Post political "Fix" blogger, started twittering or live-tweeting or whatever you call, the daily press briefings today.  Here are a few samples:

–"Stimulative" sounds dirty…it isn’t, but it sounds that way.

— Gibbs…heading into the 40th minute…Fix dreaming of a trip to "Breadline" shortly.

— Helen Thomas goes with the Afghanistan question. Direct!

Could be interesting to follow these…

What about the State Department YouTube channel Sean McCormack started? Well, a slew of videos talking about careers in the State Department were uploaded to it on January 20. Otherwise, no word on Briefing 2.0.