InfoWarCon 2009

Briefly… ever want to talk to the authors of “Unrestricted Warfare”? InfoWarCon 2009 will be the place to do it.

InfowarCon 2009 is sure to be the premier Information Operations event of 2009! InfowarCon 2009 examines the numerous theoretical and practical changes and uses of IO/IW, Cyberwar, Strategic Communication and Public Diplomacy techniques and experiences learned in Iraq, Afghanistan, China, and Georgia-Russia to predict the future of IO.

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April 23 and 24 will be InfowarCon 2009
April 22 for IO Classes

Gaylord National Harbor Resort and Convention Center
201 Waterfront Street
National Harbor, Maryland

Who should attend: Information Operations professionals from Government, Military, Industry and Academic sectors seeking to further their knowledge of developing IO issues, programs and possible solutions and to network with other professionals.

InfowarCon 2009 Highlights:

Keynote Speaker: LTG Thomas F. Metz, Director, JIEDDO

Chinese Information Warfare
Leading Chinese IO theorists and leaders will discuss their work. Following the Chinese a panel of US Chinese IO analysts, to include Dr. James Mulvenon, Mr. Charles Hawkins and Mr. Timothy L. Thomas, will discuss IO issues with their Chinese counterparts.
• HOU Yinming, delegation leader. Former director of the prestigious Zhang Ya Da Electronic Research Center.
• WANG Baocun, MG, PLA, ret. Advanced studies in Great Britain and George Washington University. Coined the term “informationalized warfare”.
• WANG Xiangsui, professor/director, Beijing University of Aeronautics & Astronautics Center for Strategic Studies, co-author “Unrestricted Warfare”.
• SHEN Weiguang, China’s “father of information warfare”.

Additional information can be found at the InfoWarCon website.

By the way, I am chairing a panel at InfoWarCon. The current description for this panel is Smith-Mundt, but I will be updating that soon.

4 thoughts on “InfoWarCon 2009

  1. InfowarCon is open to anyone. If I had to guestimate the ‘mix’, I would say about 33% are currently military (and that will go WAY up, since military and students are now admitted free). 33% of the current registrants are from industry (quite a few I am barely familiar with) and 33% seem to be a mix of students, academics, foreigners and media.I saw registration shoot up by 50 people in one day, thanks to free admission to military and students. If InfowarCon had more sponsors, perhaps we could let in more people for free, but alas, that’s not happening. Not yet, at least!
    My personal feelings about InfowarCon are amazement. So many really important people are involved, either helping to organize, speaking, or backing. It’s fascinating, this is a community event and it really is going to make a difference!
    Joel Harding
    Director, IO Institute
    Association of Old Crows

  2. do you have webcast so we can know the information on the meeting without any cost? as far as I know Microsoft use webcast for free training

  3. Uniformed Military and Students get free admission, all others have an associated cost. Copying and pasting from my comment above: If InfowarCon had more sponsors, perhaps we could let in more people for free, but alas, that’s not happening. Not yet, at least!Webcast is a great idea, probably next year.

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