Smith-Mundt Symposium in Pictures

Briefly, over 260 people signed up for the Symposium. About 180 attended. Some people left because they had other appointments and few of those returned. A year ago, it was hard to imagine 50 people would be interested in a discussion about the Smith-Mundt Act.

Tuesday’s event was well attended through to the end, 8.5 hours after it started (if include the sign-in and continental breakfast, 9.5 hours).

After the fold, I’ve posted just a few pictures of the Smith-Mundt Symposium taken by my good friend (and fellow Masters of Public Diplomacy graduate) Yael Swerdlow. Yael was one of two photographers at the event. The other was from the Associated Press.

Panel 1, below, with (l-r): Richard Arndt, Barry Zorthian, Michael Schneider, Matt Armstrong, and Len Baldyga.

panel 1 

Panel 2, below, with (l-r): Rear Admiral Greg Smith, Jeff Grieco, Karen DeYoung, David Jackson, and Marc Lynch.

panel 2

Panel 3, below, with (l-r): Bill Kiehl, Colleen Graffy, Nancy Snow, Ted Tzavellas, and Kristin Lord.

panel 3

Panel 4, below, with (l-r): Lynne Weil, Rep. Paul Hodes, Rep. Adam Smith, and Doug Wilson.

panel 4

One measure of the interest in an event is how many people stay through to the end of the day. The following picture was taken about 5p during the last panel and nine hours my opening comments. 

the last panel

Hon. Jim Glassman, below:


Mike Doran, below:


Your blogger, below, a bit more relaxed than he was at the start of the day: