Worthwhile: Layalina Review on Public Diplomacy 12 Feb-26 Feb (links fixed)

layalinalogoA summary of public diplomacy-related news for this past week (12 February – 26 February) from Layalina Productions.

VOL. V NO. 5, February 13-February 26, 2009

New Media Redefine Public Diplomacy
While diplomats should communicate their government’s message, they must be aware that due to generational changes and new technology, the skepticism with which that message will be greeted has never been greater.

National Security or PR Job?
As the Obama administration is deciding on who will be the next Under Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy, the veterans in the field are debating if the position is a national security task or a public relations one.

The White Oaks Recommendations
Recent discussions of the future of public diplomacy and strategic communications contribute to the direction that the Obama administration will take in public diplomacy.

A Last Hurrah for Al-Hurra?
As Washington debates competing reports regarding Al-Hurra’s slim market share, the broader issue is that Al-Hurra has had little discernible impact on Arab political discourse.

When News Flirts With Propaganda
The impartiality of news reporting is discussed with particular reference to Gaza and in the context of recent growth in both Arab news stations and government crackdowns on freedom of speech.

New Regulations Further Threaten Arab Satellite Television
Legislative developments in the Middle East threaten the sweeping rise of satellite television.

"Cellevision" Reaches Arab World
Qtel (Qatar Telecom), the exclusive telecommunications provider in Qatar and one of the largest public companies in the country, recently announced new enhancements to their Mozaic Mobile TV service offering a broader array of channels.

Dissent in the Media
The media is becoming an outlet for dissent and discussion on topics concerning the Middle East, Arabs and Muslims in a variety of ways.

Blogging: A Gateway to Empowerment and Peril
The evolving Middle Eastern blogosphere acts as an empowering mechanism for bloggers, but outspoken bloggers in Egypt run the risk of censure and imprisonment.

On the Path to Reform in Saudi Arabia
In drastic steps towards modernization, King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia appointed the first woman to a ministerial post; he also dismissed the head of the nation’s religious police and the chief of the country’s highest religious tribunal.

Moving Ahead with Muslim World Relations
President Obama’s interview was the first of many steps to broaden American outreach to the Muslim world. Abroad, reactions to Obama’s victory remain mixed.

Arab Culture Acts as a Bridge to Understanding
Recent events have brought Arab culture to the forefront while addressing stereotypes between the Arab and Western worlds.

Striking a Balance in the Middle East
While the exact path and ambitions of the Obama administration’s foreign policy initiatives are still unclear, initial worldwide outlooks are optimistic.