It sure is quiet around here… a few links and musings during the silence

I’m still around, just encountered some unexpected turbulence that broke the blogging cycle. Posting will resume shortly. There are a few posts sitting in the wings, including a couple of guest posts.

In the meantime, check out CTLab’s online symposium covering Peter W. Singer’s Wired for War. I’ll be posting a few entries over there (as well as here) over the next week. See my article Combat Robots and Perception Management published in Serviam magazine last year (my post on the article is here).

Also, for an organizational chart of unmanned warfare units, see Project ACORN from 2007.

On the subject of public diplomacy, it appears “imminent” is a relative term when it comes to nominating Judith McHale as Under Secretary for Public Diplomacy. Last week I rushed to post “Future of Public Diplomacy” after a DC paper declined because I was sure the rumors were true that McHale’s nomination would be announced any minute. But alas, her official status has not changed. Congress begins a two week recess this Friday, so if she’s not nominated this week, the numbers on the chart at Whither Public Diplomacy will grow significantly. You don’t suppose they’ll do a recess appointment?! Please no… Why won’t the Secretary at least announce McHale?

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