Simple Advice for Dealing with the Media

Very briefly, take a look at the following wallet card. The images are from the front and back of a card distributed to the Swedish Foreign Ministry by the Foreign Ministry.


There are a couple of minor linguistic differences between the Swedish and the English but the major difference between the two sides of the card is the Swedish bullet that’s not replicated: don’t ask sources. Sweden has very strong “whistle blower” protection laws so that a government official even asking about a source is against the law.

All the bullets are sensible and direct and come from a Foreign Ministry that gives media training to nearly the entire organization. Everyone, in their view, is a communicator.


One thought on “Simple Advice for Dealing with the Media

  1. Hi MattThis type of card is fairly widely spread in Sweden. Not least among government agencies. Interestingly enough, every couple of years or so, a journalist discovers one of these cards and starts a debate on their legality. And, of course, their true purpose: To facilitate media communication or to keep information from the media and generally make life more difficult for reporters. Journalists in general usually display a rather intense dislike of the parts that say: “stay in your own lane”, “Don´t speculate” “Refer to your press officer if you feel unsure about the situation”.

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