Event: 8th Annual Information Operations Europe

8th Annual Information Operations Europe
Delivering Effects through Influence Activity

June 22 – 24, London

The human terrain has proven hugely important in current conflicts and the capabilities required to influence an audience have seen major developments in recent years. The employment of private sector expertise and new media tools such as online social networking have opened up new opportunities for the IO community, yet the challenges of developing a coherent and culturally astute message remain. Messages must also be coordinated in an often complex, coalition environment and the issue of Measurement of Effect still represents a significant obstacle to progress.


  • Gaps And Seams In US Influence Operations And Activities
  • Developing UK Influence Capabilities
  • How The British Army Is Rediscovering Information Operations And The Cognitive Domain
  • Cartography Of Strategic Communications by Phil Taylor
  • Strategic Communications In NATO by Mark Laity
  • Public Diplomacy 2.0 by James Glassman
  • The US Army’s Changing Approach To Using Information To Affect The Operational Environment by COL David Haught
  • IO Support To The Warfighter by Mark Johnson
  • Operation Objective Voice: Lessons Learned In North Africa by COL Glenn Connor
  • Psychological Operations In Iraq by General Major Oleksandr Levchenko, Ukrainian MoD
  • Rethinking Information Activities, Counterinsurgency And Strategy In Afghanistan
  • Information Operations To Support Peace-Time Activities by COL Charles Eassa