Request for assistance: feel like typing a number between 1 and 4?

I have nearly 2,000 rows of data that I need coded to do some analysis. That is, I have some information that in its present form cannot be easily analyzed. The instructions are simple:

Enter a "1", "2", "3", "4" into the data entry box based on the the location. A "1" means the location is within the United States, "2" means outside of the United States, a "3" means the location indicates both inside and outside of the US, and a "4" means there is not enough information to determine which other number to use.

You will only see the location data and each entry could take as little as a second for you to process. Devote a minute and you could power through 40-90 records. If there are twenty volunteers, then the work will be done in less time than it takes to respond to a Tweet.

Your work, should you decide to help, will be the basis of a future post / analysis. All I will say now is the analysis is on the global audience of a social media application.

If you’re interested, simply go here and type a number between 1 and 4, depending on the data of course.

UPDATE: Thank you to those who helped out. All of the nearly 2000 rows have been coded and there were very few errors.

Congrats to Dan for figuring out the source of the data.

Here are the statistics: 982 of the rows were self-identified as in the United States, 149 did not give a location but selected a US time zone (likely US resident), 320 self-identified as outside the US (including apparent Americans who listed Tehran), 59 gave a location that was both US and outside of the US, 132 gave indeterminate locations (iPhone geocoding typically put here), and 159 had no location and no time zone specified.

Rough analysis: out of the 1908 records, three times more users are in the US as outside the US, add time zone data and the multiplier goes up to 3.5.

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