Understanding and Engaging ‘Now Media’ professional development course

The professional development course “Understanding and Engaging Now Media” examines the convergence of “new media” and “old media” into “now media” with the purpose of educating and empowering the student to be a more effective information actor. Today, news and information is simultaneously instant and persistent, global and local, as it seamlessly moves between print, broadcast, cellular, and social media. Increased access to information changes the relationship between producer and consumer of news and information which in turn creates, engages, and empowers new communities and communications pathways that empower journalists, bloggers, analysts, activists, diplomacy, terrorists, insurgents and nearly everyone else. Understanding this environment, the tools, techniques, and purposes is essential in the modern information environment.

Yours truly, Matt Armstrong, will teach this course over three consecutive evenings, 6p-9p on November 10, 11, and 12 in Alexandria, VA (2 blocks from a Metro stop).

More information and registration can be found at the AOC website.

Course Outline

The overall aim of the course is for the student to be more capable and effective in the modern information environment. Awareness of and at least minimal exposure to social web applications, like Facebook and Twitter, is recommended but expertise is not required.

This three-day executive training session with each evening split into two modules. A reading list of both recommended and suggested readings will be delivered prior to the class.

Module 1 – “Old and New”: Introduction, purpose and utility of engagement and influence, and what is “new media”?

Module 2 – “New + Old = Now”: practical view of information as distinctions between news consumers and producers are blurred in the immediate, persistent, visceral, “glocal” information environment.

Module 3 – Guest Speaker: practical application in the “now”.

Module 4 – Monitoring: tools and concepts to track information, sentiments, and the “canary in the coal mine.”

Module 5 – Guest Speaker: practical application in the “now”.

Module 6 – Lessons from the Private Sector: two examples; and conclusion

Who Should Take This Course

Practitioners and leaders engaged in information-based activities, from public affairs to public diplomacy and strategic communication, in need of better understanding and capabilities on the world of “now media”

More information and registration can be found at the AOC website.