Understanding and Engaging Now Media

The course I’m teaching titled "Understanding and Engaging Now Media" is next month. There are a few spots remaining if you’re interested. Information and registration is at the AOC website. Updates to the syllabus not online at AOC:

    Module 1 – "Convergence of Old and New into Now" – understanding application of the terms new, old, social media; purpose, utility, and use of various platforms

    Module 2 – "Understanding" – barriers and constraints as "myths"; transformation of "trust"; errors in reporting; speed of transmission and replication; blurred distinction between news consumers and producers

    Module 3 – Guest Speaker G.C.: State Department’s use of new media, lessons learned

    Module 4 – "Engaging" – operating in the (virtual) first three feet and the last three feet; tools, methods, and reasons to track and engage people, information, sentiments, the "canary in the coal mine"

    Module 5 – Guest Speaker A.P.: Adversarial Exploitation of Online Video

    Module 6 – Lessons from the Private Sector: two examples; and conclusion

There will be PDFs and recommended material, including recommendations on books, sent before the course to registered participants.