Global Information Environment

MountainRunner may not have a daily readership of thousands but it does reach a unique and critical audience. For every comment on the blog there are 3-5 offline (email) comments. This audience includes the media, such as Al Kamen and Spencer Ackerman, authors, such as Bing West (The Strongest Tribe and Tom Barnett (Great Powers), the Departments of State and Defense, and Congress (more citations are at the About page). This blog also has a global audience. The image below shows some of the visitors to the blog during November 2009.

MountainRunner reach Nov 2009

Here ends the self-promotion minute…

3 thoughts on “Global Information Environment

  1. Wow … I feel really loved now 😉 Damn Aussies … we’re always those people you don’t want to be seen hanging around with.

  2. Eliza, Thank you and you’re welcome. Always interested in non-US perspectives, so if you want to offer one…

  3. Hey, it’s true. MountainRunner has readers from all over the world. Although I live in Eastern Europe, I often read this blog. Today I decided to say thank you. Congratulations. Good job.

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