Information as Power survey: what date works best for you?

The successful Information as Power event was last week and even during the Snowpacolypse in DC, it was a success (not counting the few who were unable to attend due to weather). I am now working on the next iteration which will be in one (or both) of the following formats: a 2-day course with 12hrs of instruction (9-4 with 1hr lunch) or a 1-day intensive (9-5 with working lunch).

If you are interested in the course, indicate your preferred days for either the 2-day or the 1-day event at this link:

The full name of the course is “Information as Power: Now Media and the Struggle for Minds and Wills.” The purpose is to inform and empower those involved in public diplomacy and strategic communication to understand the requirements and methods for preactive, proactive, and reactive engagement in the struggle for minds and wills of today and tomorrow. The modern information environment is characterized by fallen barriers to information acquisition, packaging, and dissemination, and destruction.

The general framework for the two courses is below. The 2-day course, at 12 hours, includes more examples and discussion time in each module than the 1-day course (about 8 hours).

Module 1:

  • What’s old is new again in the struggle for minds and wills
  • Legislative foundations for America’s global engagement, including its evolution
  • Current authorities, doctrine, policies

Module 2:

  • Defining “media” when there is no “new” or “old” but “now”
  • Now Media’s new opportunities
  • New rules and issues for the global public affairs officer

Module 3 (2-day course only):

  • Searching, monitoring, and mapping the online world

Module 4:

  • In-Depth: Adversarial use of online media
  • In-Depth: US Government use of online media
  • Lessons from private sector risk management, Government

Email me if you have any questions.

One thought on “Information as Power survey: what date works best for you?

  1. Matt,An interesting mix of folks that attended the Feb session. I liked the small group setting and I think a few more attendees would make for even better dialogue.
    For folks like myself, I would wish to attend the 2-day, 12-hour session. I was very grateful that my customer (OUSD(I)) was willing to foot the cost. A lower cost is likely to increase participation by government sponsors and industry.

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