Leader for State’s Bureau of International Information Programs to remain a “Coordinator”

For reasons that are beyond me, I heard a rumor that the leadership of State Department’s Bureau of International Information Programs (IIP) will remain a “Coordinator” and not be an Assistant Secretary. In 2008, then-Under Secretary Jim Glassman successfully created the new position, but as of yet, it has remained unoccupied. (Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Support to Public Diplomacy Mike Doran was nominated but never confirmed.) The move was to put IIP on equal footing with the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (ECA) and the geographic bureaus, all of which are headed by assistant secretaries.

Perhaps this decision will be explained in the yet-to-be-released public diplomacy strategy of Under Secretary for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs Judith McHale.

Your thoughts?

2 thoughts on “Leader for State’s Bureau of International Information Programs to remain a “Coordinator”

  1. The number of Assistant Secretaries at State is set by Congress so this likely means that someone or some bureau or office has its eyes on an Assistant Secretary-ship. Not sure exactly how many are authorized at the moment but last time I checked it was 28. As to who covets this title, best guess would be to look at other Assistant Secretary-level slots to see who has clout with the 7th floor.

  2. Bill,Would this explanation still hold true if the Assistant Secretary position was created and authorized in 2008, as this one was?

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