An update on VOA Persia’s iPhone App

On January 22, 2010, Apple’s App Store had a new application from VOA’s Persian News Network. As noted last month on this blog, Alex Belida said,

This new application gives Iranians a unique opportunity to get the latest news on their mobile devices and to share with the world the news as it happens in their country. It is a groundbreaking way to expand our reach inside Iran and deepen our relationship with a key VOA audience.

This week, Alex sent me an update. 

[Between January 22 and February 19], there have been 5,040 downloads of VOA Persia’s iPhone app via the Apple App Store plus an additional 446 downloads through the Android app site. No info on jailbroken downloads. VOA has received video and still shots through the integrated “report” function but, according to VOA, there has been nothing so far of news value.

One thought on “An update on VOA Persia’s iPhone App

  1. You stayed very neutral on your blog there, so I will attempt to do the same – but surely this raises too many issues to even fathom? I mean, is this really ”giving the Iranians a unique oppurtunity”? Or is it merely another way of saying spy on your fellow countrymen?

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