InterMedia Research Institute Seeks a CEO

A public service announcement:

InterMedia is a 501c3 organization based in Washington, and the preeminent audience and opinion research organization dedicated to measuring and understanding the global reach and effectiveness of U.S. international broadcasting and other instruments of public diplomacy and strategic communications.  Operating in 60 countries, InterMedia continues a six-decade legacy of trusted research in challenging environments for its U.S. and European clients, most of whom are international broadcast organizations.

InterMedia now seeks a Chief Executive Officer to lead a highly qualified staff of 40 dedicated men and women. Applications are invited from individuals with strong, relevant management and representational experience, familiarity with U.S. government contracting policies and procedures, an innovative, entrepreneurial spirit and collaborative leadership style.

The successful candidate will have the gravitas and credibility to present to InterMedia’s board and to engage with high-level officials here and abroad. S/he will provide the vision for InterMedia to broaden its current scope and take the organization to new levels and types of international research. This is an exceptional opportunity for an entrepreneurial, creative leader.

For more information, including a detailed job description and organizational overview, please visit