Information Operations Europe Conference

The 9th Annual Information Operations Europe will take place June 29-30, 2010, at The Bloomsbury Hotel in London. The agenda for the first day is here and the second day is here. There will be a pre-conference war game on the 28th. In the lead up, the conference organizers created a document center (or centre) at that includes:

  • 3 podcast interviews: Matt Armstrong, Strategist and Lecturer; Bob Bevelacqua, Vice President of Programs at Leonie Industries; Simon Bergman, Managing Director, Information Options
  • 15 reports from the U.S. Army War College, including: Bullets and Blogs – New Media and the Warfighter; Learning to Leverage New Media – The IDF in Recent Conflicts; You Tube War – Fighting in a World of Cameras in Every Cell Phone and Photoshop on Every Computer
  • and more at

I’ll be on the first panel discussion on the 29th with

  • Major General Gordon Messenger, Chief of Defence Staff, Strategic Communications Officer, UK MoD
  • Air Commodore Robert Judson, Head of Targeting and Information Operations, UK MoD
  • Brigadier Mark Van der Lande, Head of Defence Public Relations, Directorate General and Media Communications, UK MoD
  • Sarah Nagelmann, Strategic Communications Advisor to US European Command and Supreme Allied Commander Europe, NATO

Later the same day I present “Understanding and Engaging Now Media.”

If you’ll be there, let me know.