Pop Quiz: identify the author or the name of the report and win an Amazon Gift Card

The problem with history, I’m told Mark Twain said, is that it repeats. Be the first to identify the source of the following statement and I’ll email you a $10 gift card Amazon.com. Answers must be submitted in the comments of this post. You may answer anonymously, but if you want the gift card, I’ll need your email. Email addresses entered into the appropriate comment field are not public. This contest closes Wednesday, 19 January, at 8a PT. I have sole discretion in judging the contest. This contest is closed.

Here’s the quote:

The adequacy with which the United States as a society is portrayed to the other peoples of the world is a matter of concern to the American people and their Government. Specifically it concerns the Department of State. Modern international relations lie between peoples, not merely governments. Statements on foreign policy are intelligible abroad in the spirit in which they are intended only when other peoples understand the context of national tradition and character which is essential to the meaning of any statement. This is especially true of a collaborative foreign policy which by nature must be open and popular, understood and accepted at home and abroad.

The full answer and the context will be posted when either a winning entry has been submitted or the contest closed. Good luck. I believe this will be more challenging than the first contest, which was won in less than 40 minutes. Good luck.

4 thoughts on “Pop Quiz: identify the author or the name of the report and win an Amazon Gift Card

  1. Dr. Arthur W. MacMahon. Memeorandum on the Postwar International Information Program of the United States. 1945.

  2. Memorandum on the Post-War International Information Program of the United States by Dr Arthur MacMahon, 1945

  3. Otto von Bismarck, in a speech to the Vereinigter Landtag. Or, it may have been Bill Maher talking to Flavor Flav.

  4. Within 20 minutes this contest was closed. Google Books is no match for me. I thought I found one of the most obscure reports possible (and as I’ve found one of the most influential), but no. “S” has received his $10 Amazon card. For being a good sport, Steve will get a $5 card. Thanks for playing and this will be the last quiz of its kind.

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