Event: Global Reach: Innovative Communication for a New Diplomacy

Readers may be interested in an upcoming discussion with the French on their perspective of diplomacy in the modern communication environment.  Global Reach: Innovative Communication for a New Diplomacy with Bernard Valero, Spokesman, Head of the Press and Communication Office, Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs, Embassy of France, will take place Thursday, Friday 23, at 10:30am – Noon at 1717 Massachusetts Ave NW in Washington (the Johns Hopkins DC Center).

In the age of instant communication, traditional diplomacy faces systemic changes: information travels faster and wider, institutions and hierarchies lose ground to individuals and informal connections, messages that are meant for a local audience reach beyond borders. Shaping a diplomatic message is increasingly challenging, and requires, in addition to classical diplomatic skills, a specific dose of cultural awareness, the mastering of new technologies, and the urge to address not only the leadership, but also the citizens, in all their diversity. Valero will discuss how the world of diplomacy is adapting to the new media environment and what diplomats, with their experience in building inter-cultural bridges, can bring to the world digital community.

Bernard Valero is the Spokesman and Head of the Press and Communication Office of the French Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs. He has held this position since September 2009. Prior to his current position, he served on several occasions in the Ministry’s press and communication department, first as assistant secretary for press from 1998 to 2000 and then as Deputy Director; Deputy Spokesman, from 2000 to 2003. He also served as Press Counselor in Washington from 1995 to 1998.

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