Strategic Communications and Public Diplomacy “Seen on the Web” (#59)

March 19, 2017
Seen on the Web, 1521-1570

This is a compilation of news, articles, essays, and reports on strategic communications, Public Diplomacy, public affairs, U.S. government international broadcasting, and information operations. The editorial intent is to:

  • share with busy practitioners the academic and policy ferment in Public Diplomacy and related fields
  • from long speeches, testimonies, and articles, flag the portions that bear on Public Diplomacy
  • provide a window on armed forces thinking on the fields that neighbor Public Diplomacy such as military public affairs, information operations, inform-influence-engage, and cultural learning, and
  • introduce the long history of Public Diplomacy by citing some of the older books, articles, reports, and documents that are not available on the internet.

Public Diplomacy professionals always need a 360-degree view of how ideas flow and gain influence. Many points of view citied here are contentious and/or biased; inclusion does not imply endorsement.

Edited by: Donald M. Bishop, Bren Chair of Strategic Communications, Marine Corps University; Jeffery W. Taylor, University of Mary Washington, Assistant

Download Don Bishop’s Quotable’s No. 59.