Fact-check: BBG can now broadcast to Americans?

The change to the governance structure of the Broadcasting Board of Governors through an amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act has raised some concerns that the BBG might turn inward to target American audiences through domestic broadcasting. An article at Politico, for example, stated that because of the Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2013, “the BBG can now broadcast in the U.S., too.” Fox’s Howard Kurtz was more accurate when he wrote that the three-year-old amendment means that the “BBG’s content can also be broadcast in the United States.” The first is not accurate, while Kurtz is slightly misleading. Here’s why.

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Strategic Communications and Public Diplomacy “Seen on the Web” (#47)

Quotables, Seen on the Web, and Essays (#47) was compiled by Donald Bishop, Bren Chair of Strategic Communications, Marine Corps University.

1. FAKE NEWS . . . 2. THE U.S. ELECTIONS . . . 3. CONGRESS . . . 4. PUBLIC DIPLOMACY . . . 5. BROADCASTING . . . 6. PUBLIC AFFAIRS . . . 7. MARINE CORPS . . . 8. SMITH-MUNDT ACT . . . 9. HYBRID WARFARE . . . 10. SOCIAL MEDIA . . . 11. INTERNET ACCESS AS A HUMAN RIGHT . . . 12. RUSSIA . . . 13. ISLAMISM . . . 14. CHINA . . . 15. NORTH KOREA . . . 16. AFRICA . . . 17. BOOK FAIRS . . . 18. STUDY IN THE U.S. . . . 19. HISTORY . . . 20. IDEAS, CONCEPTS, DOCTRINE . . . 21. FOREIGN SERVICE PUBLIC DIPLOMACY OFFICERS Continue reading “Strategic Communications and Public Diplomacy “Seen on the Web” (#47)”

There’s a new #1 “R”… as in longest tenure

Milestone near Richmond Park, Greater London area, UK
Source: Matt Armstrong, taken in East Sheen near Richmond Park.

Milestones are important. They were to reassure travelers that they were on the right path, how far they had gone, and how far they had to go. Living in London, I find it surprising how many milestones, many of which are hundreds of years old, are hiding in plain sight. They do not, however, tell us how we are doing.  Continue reading “There’s a new #1 “R”… as in longest tenure”

Loy Henderson: supporter of public diplomacy, but perhaps not jazz

Loy Henderson
Source: Wikipedia

In the world of U.S. public diplomacy, jazz is often portrayed as an “instrument” of “soft power”, and presumably of “public diplomacy”. The music is democratic by nature. It communicates, as does all music, but it has a particular way of “freeing” the listener to transport and convey messages. It is an art form that inspires. The Public Diplomacy Council recently co-hosted an event on this. 
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Diplomacy’s Public Dimension: Books, Articles, Websites #79

March 9, 2016
Intended for teachers of public diplomacy and related courses, here is an update on resources that may be of general interest.  Suggestions for future updates are welcome.
Bruce Gregory
Adjunct Professor
George Washington University
Georgetown University
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