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    Turning a missed opportunity into a negative (Updated)

    Read U.S. Running Out of Time to Join Shanghai Expo by Glenn Kessler in the Washington Post. This story is a window in the Bush Administration’s view of public diplomacy and, unfortunately, the failure to aggressively prioritize and repair public diplomacy since January 20th. Also read Adam Minter’s post at Shanghai Scrap about the debacle (h/t Jim Fallows): Late yesterday afternoon Expo 2010 organizers announced that all national pavilion construction work must begin by June 30. Those who miss the deadline will not be allowed to build their own pavilions, and must instead seek space in a “standardized” pavilion or use a common pavilion. The statement didn’t single out any…

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    Free Chinese Political Warfare – 1959

    "...President Chiang Kai-shek, layi.ng emphasis more on political actions than on military operations and more on spiritual strength than on material forces in the war against communism, coined the term "political warfare" in 1953, and subsequently published a series of five articles on the study of political warfare, in which the six majortypes of operations were listed as its contents."

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    The internet and “public opinion” in China

    No time to comment, but Jim Fallows posted a worthwhile (and timely) post on the internet and public opinion in China. Outsiders who follow Chinese events have known for years about Roland Soong’s EastSouthWestNorth site*, which draws from Chinese-language and English-language sources for reports and analysis. I’ve just seen this post, from a few days ago, which strikes me as something that people who don’t normally follow Chinese events should know about. It’s the text of a speech Soong prepared for last weekend’s annual Chinese Bloggers conference (but did not deliver, for family-emergency reasons). In it, he discusses the differences the Internet has, and has not, made in the Chinese…

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    China Blogging for September 14, 2007

    Some catch-up on China blogging included here to clear my China queue China is upset, claiming foreign nations are causing “massive and shocking” damage by hacking into computers to “ferret out political, military and scientific secrets.” Some might say that turnaround is fair play. Another thought is someone might be showing off for DHS that it’s worthwhile to revisit a denied application?

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    Chinese Tuesday

    It’s Tuesday and time for news on China Preeti Aroon writes at Foreign Policy about Chinese becoming the language of choice for Sudanese students. It’s one thing to provide English-language training, it’s another to provide a viable and immediate use for the acquired language. (See previous post on Chinese policy in Africa) Sudan sells around 60 percent of its oil to China, and Chinese companies, products, and restaurants have made inroads into the African country. Sudanese university students who learn Chinese can get jobs as translators and work for Chinese oil and telecommunications companies. Recently, Khartoum University had a Chinese speech competition, and a Chinese professor there said, “… nearly 100% of students…

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    AFRICOM news

    On the heels of news that the new AFRICOM is (perhaps) initially setting up in Stuttgart comes this dig in an OpEd in China’s People’s Daily Online, US Embarrassment in Africa: