China’s Africa expansion

News briefs from UPI and People’s Daily Online. First, the raw story, later an analysis.

First, from UPI: China’s Africa expansion

the last decade China and the continent of Africa have gradually been
building diplomatic and economic ties in the hopes of further advancing
globalization and enjoying mutually beneficial cooperation. But now
with a mounting global oil crisis and reforms underway at the United
Nations, China has emerged as a growing ally to most of the 57 African
territories, stepping up efforts to expand its ties to the continent,
host of the world’s least-developed countries.

From China’s People’s Daily Online is a report on Chinese Cultural Week:

"Chinese Cultural Week" co-sponsored by Chinese Embassy in Ethiopia and
Ethiopia’s Ministry of Culture and Tourism was held on Monday in Addis
Ababa, capital of the eastern African country….

Lin said that China and Ethiopia, both ancient civilizations, have
time-honored history and splendid culture. Since the establishment of diplomatic
relations in 1970, the two countries have continuously expanded cultural
exchanges, which not only further deepened their mutual understanding and
friendship between the two peoples, but also propelled the development of
bilateral ties to a new high.

The Ethiopian Minister Cultural and Tourism expressed his appreciation for
the diversity of Chinese culture and held the two countries should share history
and culture so as to promote their already good relations.

The week-long activity has two parts: one is the "Dynamic Beijing" photo exhibition featuring some 90 new pictures on
Beijing; the other part is Weifang Kite exhibition showing some 100 kites of
exquisite craftsmanship and a variety of style made in Weifang a in east China’s
Shandong Province

An analysis will be posted in the coming days as time avails. The cultural diplomacy of China in Africa is something the US must not (and probably is not) ignore. The problem is how we are meeting and countering this competition (and here in general).