Consultants Advisory Group (CAG) as UN PMC?

Kathryn Cramer has an interesting post on Consultants Advisory Group (CAG),what it is apparently doing in Haiti under UN contract, its new
Panamanian location (to hide from US? media? Kathryn?), arrests of
somebody with diplomatic immunity, use of TopCat boats, and more. This
almost reads like spy novel. Given how poorly the TopCat and Somalia deal was structured, the use of an Emoryville address, etc. it is hard to not suspect the at times bumbling ways of CAG.

Kathryn’s post…

a lot of ground, ranging from a mysterious company owned by US ex-pats
placing spies disguised as journalists in the audience of Haitian
presidential debates, to CAG arranging for the detention of people who
wrote to me to ask for information about CAG and complain about CAG’s
involvement in human rights violations in Haiti. So bear with me. This
is my second post about CAG, and part of an ongoing series on Top Cat
Marine Security.