Navy: The United States Navy is not patroling Somali Waters

Link: Navy Times – Officials refute reports of expansion in Somalia, Black Sea.

The Navy has no intent to build bases on the Black Sea in Turkey, nor has it been asked to patrol Somali waters for marauding pirates, according to official denials of recent news items.

Spokesmen for 6th Fleet/Naval Forces Europe in Naples, Italy, and 5th Fleet/Naval Forces Central Command in Manama, Bahrain, refuted news articles from mid-April claiming the Navy would be reaching further into previously uncharted waters, so to speak.

Confusing messages or accidental comments?

…U.S. ships patrol in international waters off Somalia, but not in Somali waters.

Cmdr. Jeff Breslau, public affairs officer for 5th Fleet in Bahrain, said no
one has asked the Navy to patrol Somali waters for pirates, as was
reported in several news outlets.