Hmmm, good idea

From Michael Tanji commenting on an article about the DIA trying to bridge worlds:

General, please, it’s simple: you have computers, wikis and blogs – use them. Everyone else in the information business is working this way (some are getting ready to go beyond it). If you can’t grasp it, if your office chiefs can’t grasp it, I guarantee the kids you hired since ’02 do (as well as the mid-career folks who now wear yellow badges). It’ll work. It works millions of times every day. Make that your pilot and save yourself the grief, time and expense.

Hmm… a wiki… that’s a fine idea

2 thoughts on “Hmmm, good idea

  1. I heard somewhere that other intelligence groups use (or are the in the process of constructing) wikis and digg-style user rating system intel networks.

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