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As a reader of MountainRunner, you’ve no doubt noticed I don’t do ads or tip jars. Instead of overt links to other business that waste screen real estate or straight donations to my wallet, I rely on click-thru’s to to pay for this blog and ConflictWiki (to-be reincarnated soon with different and more user-friendly software that’s not Wiki-based… let that be a lesson in name choice).

Advantages of using Amazon to support MountainRunner:

  • You buy stuff you would be buying already but a percentage gets kicked-back to me, with no change in cost to you
  • They send me gift certificates to buy stuff at Amazon, which in turn feeds my habit of, er, killing trees. The cash offset pays for the website.

How to transparently support MountainRunner without any cost to you:

Neither the blog nor myself are affiliated or supported by any institution or organization, including my graduate degree program. Hopefully this will change when I complete my degree in December ’07…

Thank you in advance for your support.

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  1. Chris, thanks. I’m actually thinking MT4 would be a good solution w/ the custom fields, pages (see home page, bottom right), visual controls, links, more familiar editor, etc.Matt

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