Recent links to MountainRunner

It’s been a big 10 days of links to MountainRunner. Lots of links to my recent posts on robots in war.

Noah Shachtman at Danger Room linked to Robot kills 9, injuries 14, which was picked up by Boing Boing, and many, many others.

Andrew Sullivan of The Atlantic, Madisonian, linked to Implementation of ethical controls on robots.

CANinKandahar linked to DOD Approved Strategic Communication Plan for Afghanistan.

Josh Foust at A Second Hand Conjecture linked to The real Diplomacy of Deeds and Congress continues to screw up its priorities and we still don’t get privatization issue.

PR Watch picked up my article in GOOD Magazine and linked to MountainRunner, as did ZenPundit and Noah.

Both Andrew Sullivan (big shout out to Sullivan, Thanks for the links!) and Small Wars Journal (same to you Dave!) linked Revising History.

And, Kent’s Imperative linked to both Noting DipNote’s Noteworthiness (Updated) and A role model for DipNote? 

Thanks for the links everyone.