The new black for the stylish soldier or insurgent?

Just two, three years ago, the big talk was 5.11s. Seems there’s a new black now. From Noah, Care Bear Body Armor:

By now, you’ve probably seen — and are so totally over — the Hello Kitty AK-47.  Luckily, the genius gals at ("combin[ing] the girliness of glamor with the practicality of military expertise") have a whole lot more hardware up their frilly, sequined sleeves.  Like a carbine, festooned with My Little Pony.  And a claymore mine, inspired by Martha Stewart.  But I think this cuter-than-cuter piece of protective gear is my favorite item in the GlamGuns arsenal:Carebeararmor

Not sure how to categorize this post. Cultural Warfare? Public Diplomacy? Military Diplomacy?