Now also posting at CTLab…

I am now, with all the spare time I have, posting at the CTLab collaborative as well as here.  My recent Rant on “Tube”, er, Internet capacity was cross-posted there yesterday. 

In related news, see Mark Safranski’s post (original post, not some lazy cross-post like mine) titled Visualcy and the Human Terrain

As a result of public education, the rise of mass-media and commercial advertising, Western nations and Japan, some earlier but all by mid-20th century, became relatively homogenized in the processing of information as well as having a dominant vital “consensus” on cultural and political values with postwar Japan probably being the most extreme example.

Besides Mike Innes, also at CTLab are Mike Tanji and Tim Stevens

In other news, the Swedish Meatball awakes (barely).  In unrelated news, I expect Kent to strike an Imperative note soon.