• Anonymous

    Matt -I assume someone answered your challenge on finding a reference to the Defense Department in the law? Chapter 2 of Title 10 of the US Code defines the Department of Defense and its composition. Were you asking a question I don’t understand?
    Kevin Doyle

  • Anonymous

    Got it. I suspected I was ignorant and missed the point. I imagine you haven’t had to pay or you wouldn’t have made the bet…

  • Dave Wilkinson

    Not specifically addressed by name, but presumably included since DOD is a department of the USG.§ 1461–1
    (3) coordinate international informational, educational, or cultural activities conducted or planned by departments and agencies of the United States Government;

  • Rick

    Hi Matt,I get so confused trying to ferret out data from the U.S. Code. Is there any place that you may know of where I can read the original language of PL 80-402? In particular, what I am looking for is Section 501, which is often cited as the specific regulation that precludes the Voice of America (and other governmental broadcasting entities) from broadcasting directly to the United States.
    Once again, thanks for all of your hard work in organizing the Smith-Mundt Act Symposium earlier this month in Washington, DC. You did a terrific job! I would also appreciate it if you could help me locate a source for the original language of Section 501 of PL 80-402. This has direct application to my doctoral dissertation.
    Rick Barnes