Admin: Back Online, finally

Immediately prior to the DC trip last week, my hard drive decided to start skipping a beat. I’ve reinstalled most of the applications I want and most of the data has been restored, so posting and other work can continue.

If you’ve ever replaced a hard drive you’ll know that it’s not fun. I don’t necessarily mind upgrading to a new system, but replacing a drive is really a pain, especially when the backups fail because of bad sectors.

I have a Dell and the support has been generally pretty good. This laptop has been pretty good, but it did replace a one-month old lemon a while back. The lemon was itself a replacement for a 3.5yr old laptop that went through two (or three?) system boards, two CPUs, three hard drives, two screens, and a keyboard. If I hadn’t refused to replace the exterior shell, it would have been a completely new machine instead of the obviously well-worn and travelled device it really was (nevermind the existential question of what “it” was considering all the new parts).

Anyways, back in business after a productive trip. Good news to follow.