Following Up on the Smith-Mundt Symposium’s Media Roundtable

Yesterday Two days ago (already) was the media roundtable pre-event in advance of the Smith-Mundt Symposium that will take place next week, January 13, 2009. I am grateful to AOC for arranging and hosting this event and for Ken Miller’s hard work in setting it up, as well as a special thanks to Joel.

On the panel were Rear Admiral Greg Smith of CENTCOM, David Firestein from the US Advisory Commission on Public Diplomacy, George Clack of IIP, and me. Jeff Grieco from USAID was unable to attend.

Overall, I think the event went well. Although, for the most part the mainstream media failed to show, except for Adam from Congressional Quarterly, making this event predominately a blogger roundtable.

AOC – Ken specifically – will provide a transcript and the audio recording of the event next week.

In the meantime, some reactions from the bloggers (in no particular order)

I’ll post more links as they get posted by the other bloggers. 

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