Thanks Armchair Generalist

Jason, the Armchair Generalist, gives his suggestions on a new category for the 2008 Military Weblog Awards.

These [other military-specific] sites are popular, given their (generally) good writing skills and focus on first-person perspectives, but I’m discouraged (whining) that there is not a competition for a best national strategy blog – that is to say, those blogs where the discussions revolve more around the development and execution of national security and foreign policy. I would submit to you my top ten list (alphabetical, not preference):

Arms and Influence
Democracy Arsenal
Don Vandergriff
Foreign Policy Watch
Kings of War
Opposed Systems Design
Sic Semper Tyrannis
War, the military, COIN and stuff

Best national strategy blog… good idea and a good list. I don’t mind the inclusion of this blog either. Thanks for the nod, Jason.

update: where’s Small Wars Journal?! Thanks Selil for pointing out that most obvious fact. I can’t believe I missed that. It must have been those Old Speckled Hens I had at Bilbo Baggins with Chris and Craig after the media roundtable this afternoon….

Your thoughts? (on the list, not the beer or pub)

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One thought on “Thanks Armchair Generalist

  1. I have SWJ on my blogroll but I didn’t consider it in the top 10. I think the quality of their output is mixed and inconsistent, and they focus inward far more than upward. And also, they’re a corporated (LLC?) business, so that disqualifies them from the competition.besides, if I added them, I’d have to drop you… ;^)

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