White House Announced Internet Team

President Obama announced the “White House Internet Team” on Monday. From Ari Melber at The Nation:

Several of the President’s "key White House staff," according to a press release from Robert Gibbs, will manage large portfolios for Internet outreach and "citizen participation" online. The list includes several veterans of Obama’s presidential campaign, naturally, a former web adviser to Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and a former Google staffer who worked on the company’s Moderator platform.

It is noteworthy that the President did call on the Huffington Post in a press conference. Read the whole, brief, article by Melber here.

I doubt they’ll have the same limited agility as State’s various “Internet teams”, from America.gov to DipNote to Digital Outreach and beyond.

Speaking of agility, it would be nice to have State’s R, the public diplomacy bureau, not alternating between sitting with palms down on the desk and chasing their tails while wondering if they have a future and if so, what that future will be.